TV Campaign Management

TV Campaign Management

From our friends at Thinkbox here are the top ten facts about TV advertising which explain why it works. 

  1. TV creates the most profit, pound for pound
  2. TV has unbeatable scale and reach
  3. We’re watching more TV than a decade ago
  4. TV is the most talked about medium online or offline
  5. All TV ads create response
  6. TV is the new point of sale medium
  7. TV is the dominant youth medium
  8. TV is THE emotional medium and emotional campaigns are more effective
  9. TV is the catalyst for other media
  10. TV makes brands famous

Television Advertising is still perceived as the most expensive media option. The domain of the larger national companies in the main. With huge 'media space' costs and additional expense for production and design requirements.

However, TV advertising does have tremendous benefits to small and medium sized businesses alike with the opportunity to take advantage of relatively small micro geographical regions available to buy through ITV with, in turn, generous packages giving access to 'The Big League' with a relatively low outlay which does surprise some new-to-TV customers. In addition whilst everyone is well aware of the massive expansion of multi channels (over 350 now available across the UK with Freeview and Sky Digital combined), an advertiser can target a niche audience or buy a cost efficient package across a number of TV channels which attract a smaller audience in total but are efficient against say 'Young Men' minimising wastage.

Indeed the growth of multi-channel television has changed the face of TV advertising making the medium effective for companies with niche products and a targeted audience. An effective campaign can be bought on the bigger digital channels such as Sky 1, Sky News, Atlantic, E4, ITV4, Fiver etc for around £20,000 and adverts on more targeted channels like the Business Channel, Motors TV or Real Estate TV, Sky movies, Extreme Channel, History etc for around £50 per 30 second spot. New TV channels are launching all the time in the UK and advertising opportunities are plentiful. We’ll untangle these opportunities for you - give us a shout.

Sky’s AdSmart platform offers an extremely targeted TV opportunity unique in TV. Select by target audience attribute and postcode region then choose the number of impacts you’d like to buy based on a given frequency. We can help with the planning of this activity with our connections with Sky Media.

A great deal of thought and planning needs to go into the execution of a TV Advertising campaign ensuring the right channel (to reach the audience you are targeting), creative message/treatment and timing - these elements should combine with your existing/planned media mix and market conditions to maximise the return on your investment.

If done properly then you're onto a winner...