Outdoor Advertising

UK Outdoor Advertising Revenue (£m)

We love outdoor advertising at ON Advertising. In fact it’s our fastest growing sector. You can’t avoid it!

Out Of Home (OOH) media represents an opportunity to connect with people as they live their lives. Half of us around the globe now live in cities. Around 85% of us are outside every day. We spend over 7 hours a day outdoors and on the move.

Outdoor comes only second to TV for ad recall with over 70% of adults seeing and recalling an ad in the last month.

There is a diverse range of environments each offering their own delivery to a particular audience profile.

More than any other medium outdoor can give your campaign a physical presence.

Ad avoidance is low and run time beats all other media.

Outdoor offers the opportunity to tick the recency box …. with recency and frequency being the modern school of thought when it comes to what makes advertising effective.

Research shows that more people are spending more time outdoors and those who are most mobile are most receptive to advertising and more likely to respond and buy!!

(How’s that for a bit of research courtesy of ‘Mobile Pound Research - Dipstick Research’)