Direct Mail Advertising

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Advertising

Main Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns

Traditional direct mail campaigns are increasingly replaced with online advertisements and other technology-based techniques as many companies search for new ways to reach customers and prospects. However ON Advertising still think direct mail offers one of the most consistently effective forms of advertising.

We can help you create a cost-effective direct mail campaign to maximize your advertising efforts.

Top 10 reasons to consider Direct Mail

  1. Tracking - To track the success of a direct mail campaign, counting enquiries made through coupon redemption or directed website enquiries is relatively easy.
  2. Ease of set up - Using widely available desktop publishing tools, anyone can design a direct mail piece. We can access the targeted mailing list and arrange for print and mailout.
  3. Direct mail is cost effective. While the creation itself is easy and affordable, actually mailing each campaign is also relatively economical. Mass mail rates are available for any form of direct mail campaign.
  4. Direct mail supports other marketing efforts. Mailed materials can support brand building through other media.
  5. Direct mail has a proven track record. Because this technique has been so widely used for a long time, much data exists to demonstrate its effectiveness.
  6. Direct mailing is highly targeted. Each direct mail campaign can be tailored for a specific audience. The goal being customers receive only offers or information that meet their individual needs or buying habits.
  7. Direct mail can be personalized. In addition to targeting customers with relevant campaigns, direct mail pieces can be customized to include names and other personal information. Personalisation increases the propensity to open the piece and follow through to purchase.
  8. Mail is tangible. Because direct mail is essentially delivered directly to customers’ and prospects’ hands, they are almost guaranteed to see and hopefully read your message. Since customers can also physically touch a piece of mail, they are more likely to see its contents as reliable and a measure of you as a busines. The quality of the piece will reflect this.
  9. The format is familiar. Postal service is one of the oldest public-service institutions in most developed countries.
  10. Multiple formats make direct mailing versatile. The wide variety of formats and options, from postcards and brochures, to magazines and catalogues, makes direct mailing a suitable strategy for almost any application.

Despite the attention currently paid to other forms of marketing, direct mailings still occupy a well-deserved place in thoughtful, comprehensive marketing campaigns. The flexibility, affordability, and user-friendliness of direct mail make it an excellent option to consider in the mix!